Hard-to-heal chronic wounds require unique solutions specifically designed to support healing.
Sometimes, despite the best wound care efforts, some wounds are resistant to treatment and natural
healing processes stagnate.
WoundEL® electrical stimulation wound management system has been specially developed to kick-start and accelerate healing processes and reduce wound-related pain.


A new ergonomic design:

  • 3 control buttons
  • High-contrast colour display figuring digital menu
  • Attachment of 2 dressing electrodes at the same time (+1 disperser one)

The system WoundEL® is designed to :

  • Activate and maintain healing with a monophasic pulsed direct current and low frequency generated by an electrical console.
    It must be used :
  • By professional caregivers, patients or family members in hospitals, after-care or geriatric care centers but also at home for patients in their care (city care).

Electrodes : 

Dressing Electrode Disperser Electrode

Dressing electrode is designed to combine efficiency of electrical stimulation therapy with advanced wound healing environment. Easy to apply and use with disperser electrode. Could stay in place up to 4 days.


: IIa : For the device / IIb : Dressing electrode/ I : Disperser electrode
Dimensions : 190 x 130 x 45 mm
Poids : 600 g
Utilisation : Work on battery


Carefully read the instructions in the package leaflet that accompanies the medical device.
This medical device is a regulated health product which, under this regulation, bears the CE mark. Contact your health professional.